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Concept, Music and Sound by Dizzy Banjo
Virtual Architecture by Eshi Otawara
Scripting by Chase Marellan

PARSEC is a vast immersive environmental “instrument” for 7 avatars that listens to your voice and allows you to control a musical composition together.

It uses the Second Life voice system in a new and unusual way to control both music and movement of objects.

There is also a puzzle locked within the musical composition. Play the piece correctly and the solution will be revealed… Will you be able to solve it ?

“This is the kind of work that lights the way to the future for post-convergent art and entertainment.” Adam Ramona

“I couldn’t sleep after seeing PARSEC! It is so refreshing to see this level of innovation derived from the native or inherent capacity of the virtual environment. You really have invented an entirely new kind of instrument, I think, planting the seed for a new generation of participatory and collaborative real-time musical composition. I wonder, who will be the Mozart or Beethoven of the Parsec?” Keystone Bouchard

“This is what I imagined the metaverse would be like” Chance Abattoir


The PARSEC concept and interactive score was created by Dizzy Banjo, a composer increasingly working in the field of non linear soundtracks often in the virtual realm.

The beautiful dreamlike environment of PARSEC was created by Eshi Otawara. Eshi is an artist, painter and experienced Second Life builder.

PARSEC functions via the scripts of Chase Marellan, a well known programmer and author of many programming books, including the upcoming “Platform Second Life: Developing Real Life Applications” for Manning Press. Parsec was the inspiration for more than one chapter of the book.

The artists would like to thank InterSection Unlimited for graciously hosting the exhibit.
You can visit PARSEC here :

However at present PARSEC is limited to arranged guided viewings. Please email to arrange a viewing. Please also join the PARSEC group in Second Life for project updates.

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